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Pitt Johnstown
Shark Summit RSVP •

Nov. 19 at 5:30pm - 7:00pm
Here is your chance to enjoy an evening of entrepreneurship to celebrate successful alumni, hear from students pitching ideas and even investing in the future of our program and student ideas.  We are looking to reconnect UPJ Entrepreneurs with the vibrant community of sharks, students, mentors, founders and faculty for an evening of amplifying the Mountain Cat Entrepreneurial Spirit. Register as an shark, a stakeholder or investor (see details in the sidebar)


Anyone interested in having a deeper conversation with student entrepreneurs regarding investing in their idea are encouraged to sign in as an UPJ Investor.  We will provide you a prospectus of the current ideas presented at the event and offer a specific block of time to interview the student entrepreneur after the pitches. 

The Somerset Trust Company Entrepreneurship program depends on the interaction of students with mentors, field camp hosts, organizations and advisors. If you are interested in participating for the program in anyway, please select Stakeholder.

You have participated or wish to participate as a shark in our program.  We run 10 tanks per year that needs your keen wisdom input for our students and community.

Entrepreneurship Stakeholder
Student Investor
3 Ways to Attend
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