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Test Your Idea in:
Entrepreneurs Idea LAB

Identify your beachhead

Create the concept

Build a prototype

Bring it to market.

On Tuesday evenings, Pitt - Johnstown offers, Spring and Fall, a 15-week course that allows you to test your idea through a 24-step process, Disciplined Entrepreneurship, developed by Bill Aulet at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The course walks you through the steps, assigns you a mentor, trains you to pitch and helps you find seed capital and resources.


You get to Pitch your idea to real investors, "Our Sharks!"


This is truly a lab for those that want to take risks and follow a dream. You will hear from successful as well as tested entrepreneurs during the course.  At the end of the training and process, you will have a clear idea whether you can move to market with your idea and have the resources and experience to pitch it and bring it to your customers.


For more information just click for the Entrepreneurs Idea Lab Brochure 

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